Ssunaa Golooba was a photojournalist in his native Uganda. Like many others he thought he could make a better, more lucrative living in Europe.


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After years of living illegally in the Netherlands and years of underpaid jobs he realises coming to Europe was a mistake. 

He finds the dream is far from the reality he expected when he first arrived, and he is determined to help fellow Africans thinking of migrating to understand the realities.

Witness follows Ssuuna as he finishes making his film called Surprising Europe which he is going to take back home to show in Uganda.

When Ssuuna returns home it is a complex affair – seeing his family is wonderful, but being the man with the money, and the man with the message about life in Europe, brings mixed responses.

Ssuuna's Story: The Return can be seen from Thursday, December 16, at the following times GMT: Tuesday: 0830, 1900; Wednesday: 0330, 1400.

Source: Al Jazeera