Filmmakers: Paul Cohen and Martijn van Haalen

Philippe Koudjina was once a successful photographer and the toast of Niger's 1960's post-colonial high society.

His images witness the optimism and rock 'n roll lifestyle of the first euphoric years following independence in 1960.

Decades on, not only has Niger become one of the poorest countries in the world but Koudjina's own life has spiralled into poverty and destitution. Today he begs on the dusty roadside to survive.

But while his negatives lie decaying in a rusty cabinet, across the continent large sums are paid for photographs just like his, in the fashionable galleries of Europe and the US.

Through Koudjina's own story and his illuminating photographs, this haunting film explores ideas of the value of art and the legacy of colonialism; a rare glimpse at one of Niger's great forgotten talents.

Filmmaker Paul Cohen joins Ghida Fakhry for a studio interview about his film and the issues behind it.

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Source: Al Jazeera