Filmmaker: Sandra Gomez

Cuba has clung onto its socialist commitments ever since the 1959 revolution overthrew the US-backed Batista dictatorship.

For five decades - and in the face of a crippling US embargo - Fidel Castro, the country's charismatic president, ruled the island, engendering strong emotional connections with his people.

In 2006, when Fidel Castro's health became increasingly of concern, the citizens of Cuba were thrown into a state of suspension, unsure about both his and their futures.

It was only two years later, in 2008, that Castro finally stepped down and his brother Raul was elected president.

But as The Future is Now shows, those two years of uncertainty were a particularly testing time for ordinary Cubans.

This critical yet poetic and visually rich take on Cuban reality gives a rare voice to people who still feel passionately about "their" Cuba, despite the hardships of living in a state struggling to hold back the tide of capitalism.

The Future is Now aired from from Tuesday, December 28, 2010.

Source: Al Jazeera