Filmmakers: Lynn Lee and James Leong

The sarod is a traditional Indian musical instrument similar to the sitar.

In 2009, Ustad Afzalur Rahman, one of the world's best sarod players, passed away in the small village of Brahmanbaria in Bangladesh.

His daughters, Ruba and TungTang, inherited their legendary father's musical talent but also, like him, they are blind.

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From a household filled with music, the sisters compose and play their own music as well as traditional instruments.

In their 30s and not married or educated, their music is their life - and now with their father's passing they need it to be their livelihood too.

Their mother desperately worries for their future. Without their father, the girls have to make it on their own in a country that is still largely patriarchal.

Filmmakers Lynn Lee and James Leong spent time with Ustad and his daughters in the months before his death, and watch them as their family helps them plan a concert in Dhaka to introduce the maestro's daughters to Bangladesh.

The Maestro's Daughters can be seen from Sunday, June 20, at 0830GMT and 1900GMT with repeats on Monday at 0330GMT, 1400GMT and 2330GMT.

Source: Al Jazeera