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Australia is the driest continent in the world and it is suffering one of the worst droughts in its history.

Small communities are struggling to survive as farmers are forced off their land and people leave the bush for the cities.

Wudinna is a small farming community in South Australia, the driest state. And it is watching the population melt away.

The mayor of Wudinna is desperate to find ways of boosting the town's dwindling population.

Under his direction, the council tried many different methods - with little success.

So now they resorted to giving away chunks of the town. In Wudinna, you can buy a plot of building land for just one Australian dollar.

But the mayor knows that even that will not attract incomers, unless there is something to put the town firmly on the map- something like a giant granit sculpture in hommage to the Australian farmer.

Breaking the Drought follows the dreams, hopes and the harsh realities of drought-stricken outback Australia to find out if the mayor's measures can really safe Wudinna from extinction.

Source: Al Jazeera