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Dante Hunter is a 27-year old African-American, a professional basketball player from Compton, LA.

Along with some other US basketball players, he answered an internet plea for professional American players to go and support the professional Palestinian basketball league in the aftermath of the devastating impact of Israeli attacks on Gaza.

Salaam Dunk follows Dante through the eye-opening weeks and months that follow.

The players arrive unaware that they were about to get caught up in the complexities of life on the West Bank – checkpoints and occupation, and the harsh realities of deportation, detention and harassment by Israeli authorities.

For Dante it is like being thrown in at the deep end, and his previously insular take on the world fast becomes politicised by the suffering and oppression of the Palestinians around him. 

Salaam Dunk can be seen on Sunday, August 30 at the following times GMT: Sunday: 1400; Monday: 0600 and 1900; Tuesday: 0300.

Source: Al Jazeera