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Las Vegas is the city of glitter, glamour and gambling. And if you believe the hype, a place to get rich quick.

In just one year, the Las Vegas casinos can rake in more than $6 billion in revenue. And yet, in the state of Nevada, home to Las Vegas, one in ten people are unemployed and there are between 11,000 and 14,000 homeless people in Las Vegas itself.

But the homeless are kept well out of sight of the all-important tourists. You can even be arrested for feeding a homeless person in a park.

Quite a number of them have made their homes in the tunnels and storm drains right under the busy highways and casinos.

Under the Neon is an extraordinary journey below the surface of the bright lights of Las Vegas, to meet some of the people who are battling to make some kind of home under the streets of gold.

Source: Al Jazeera