A selection of previous Witness films from Europe can be watched here in full.

From Zero: Next Moves
A global web platform follows people trying to rebuild their lives after an earthquake.

From Zero: Ask the Dust
What happens in a disaster area after the international media have left?

Clandestine Crisis
A look at Bolivian immigrants in Europe and the mechanics of expulsion.

Rice Girls
Former labourers relive their youth and their dreams in the paddy fields along Po valley.

Surviving Aids
Young people in Kaliningrad are trying to turn back the tide of drugs and HIV/Aids.

The Contest
How prisoners in a Siberian labour camp for women prepare for a beauty contest.

Underground Heroes
The story of Ukrainian miners who risk their lives with hardly a second thought.

Heavy Metal Junior
We follow a prepubescent band from Scotland in their bid for rock glory.

Nima's Story
An intimate look at an Afghan life lived in the crosswinds of war and migration.

The Last of the Reindeer Herders
Chronicling the struggle of Lapland's Sami people to use ancient grazing land.

The Herdswoman
The story of three Sami women for whom reindeer herding is more than an occupation.

An Italian Orchestra
Witness follows the story of a creative new force of musical immigrants in Rome.

Tales from Piemonte
A series of snapshot films show the passion Italians feel for the place of their birth.

Fighting Global Sex Trade
An insight into why women are forced into being trafficked and how to help them.

A Nurse's Tale
Lydia returns to her home in Ghana after 15 months working as a nurse in the UK.

Waiting at De Gaulle
Preview: A look into the surreal life of an Iranian living in an airport lounge.

Mao in Bosnia
A small Bosnian town is being rebuilt with the help of 40,000 Chinese immigrants.

Odessa Detectives
Odessa's first private investigator lifts the lid on real life in Ukraine's Miami.

Nerma's Story
One woman's campaign to bring war criminals to justice in Bosnia.

Safe Haven
Survivors of the Srebrenica genocide return to the site of the massacre.

House of Journalists
The story of a shelter in Paris for threatened journalists from all over the world.

Turkey's Hidden Shame
Human rights lawyer acts for women who have been sexually tortured in custody.

Armenian Homecoming
One woman's pilgrimage to her family's former home in Turkey.


Under New Management
Muslims aspire to open a mosque in a small English town eager to preserve tradition.

Lost Boys
Young Somali men in London feel alienated from UK society - with tragic results.

Bama's Journey
A once-in-a-lifetime journey from a gorilla sanctuary in Cameroon to a zoo in the UK.


Gangsters Made Good
A relative's death leads one man to draw local youths away from UK gang culture.

Little England
Spain is a hot spot for northern Europeans, but local anger is growing.

Qat Barons of Sheffield
An ancient Yemeni tradition is maintained in northern England.

Caravan of Love
Lonely hearts in remote Spanish villages get ready for the bus of love.

Digging up the Past
One man sets out to exhume the ghosts of Spain's totalitarian past.

Gypsy Witch
Madame Rodica practices her white magic to reassure both family and clients.

Children of Chechnya
A doctor returns to his war-torn country to help children maimed by landmines.

Chechen Fighters
The war in Chechnya is over, but rebels are still prepared to die for their beliefs.

The Chechen Syndrome
Russian soldiers face a tough time coming home after serving in Chechnya.

Meltdown Bavaria
Germany's new warmer climate has led to a sharp increase in woodland parasites.

Source: Al Jazeera