A selection of previous Witness documentaries from the Americas can be watched here in full.

Voices of the Heart
Witness looks at how Arapaho Native Americans in Wyoming try to reclaim their heritage.

Under the Neon
An extraordinary journey below the streets of Las Vegas.

Troop 1500
A girl scout troop in Texas brings daughters and mothers together behind prison walls.

Once Upon a Time
How imprisoned parents use the power of stories to maintain contact with their kids.

Atomic Ed 
A former nuclear scientist recycles junk generated by the nuclear industry.

America's New Frontline
Rageh Omaar investigates the US military and political strategy for Africa.

Land of Plenty
Dumpster diver Jonathan Meuser reclaims food discarded as waste.

Islam in America
Rageh Omaar travels the US exploring the history and role of the religion in the country.

A young US soldier decides to quit and begins a long, lonely journey to safety.

How a small grocer in a big US city deals with diverse thanksgiving demands.

Losing Ground
The people of Shishmaref may become the first eco-refugees due to global warming.

I Refuse to Remain Silent
An Iraqi-American steps up for freedom of speech and fights against war in Iraq.

Path of Most Resistance
Looking at US soldiers who apply to leave the service, turning against war.

Give Me Shelter
Americans get ready for the apocalypse - with home-made bomb shelters.

Triangle of Anger
Investigating the secret US policy of 'extraordinary rendition'.

The Other Washington
A look at life in the 'other' Washington DC which is poor, black and disenfranchised.

Haiti's Stolen Children
A tradition separates children from parents while they work in other people's homes.

Family Torn Apart
A Mexican-American family is forced to split up along a fault line of US politics.

Ghost Town
Towns in North Dakota try hard to prevent their community from becoming a ghost town.

Death behind Bars
A death-row prison in Louisiana follows more humane methods - but not everyone is pleased.

Border Crossing
American of Latino descent heads to Mexico to unravel the emotions behind immigration.

The 99 is the world's first superhero team based on Islamic culture and history.

88 Keys in Cuba
An Irishman and a musical community come to the rescue of Cuba's pianos.

Soy Palestino
A Palestinian filmmaker finds much in common with a Cuban street musician.

Red Oil
An inside look at the financial engine behind Chavez's socialist government.

Diary of a Massacre
Pacificists learn the hard way that there is no escaping the civil war in Colombia.

Living in Fear
Women face particular hardships and horror amid Colombia's ongoing civil war.

Proof of Life
Thousands of hostages are still being held by fighters in the jungles of Colombia.

Talking Cure
In Buenos Aires a popular radio talk show is run by asylum inmates.

World and Underworld
A torture victim of the South American intelligence network reveals his story.

Child Miners
Young children carry out back-breaking work in Bolivia's tin mines.

Child Miners-2 years on
A touching sequel follows the developments in the life of two Bolivian child miners.


President Evo
The story of Evo Morales' rise to power and his struggle to keep his pledge to the poor.

Jungle Music
Meet the Bolivians who are making a very different kind of jungle music.

Women Gladiators
Indigenous Bolivian women wrestle with oppression, as well as each other.

Many poor Brazilians seek their fortune abroad - but it often ends in tragedy.

Mourning Daughters
One woman campaigns for Guatemala's forgotten daughters.

The War Comes Home
Investigating the mood of middle America on the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

40 Acres and a Dream 
Photographer John Ficara captures the plight of black farmers in the United States.

Source: Al Jazeera