A selection of previous Witness documentaries from the Middle East can be watched here in full.

Leaving al-Tanf
After years of living in the grim conditions of a desert camp, Palestinian refugees move on.

An Eye for an Eye
One Iranian woman's fight for retribution after being blinded by an acid attack.

The Peacemaker
One man is determined to bring peace to Yemen's warring tribes - even if he dies trying.

Salam Father
One Iraqis bid to learn why his father died re-unites him with his family and birthplace.

Made in Palestine
A look at the last remaining factory in the West Bank producing the iconic keffiyeh.

Ramallah TV
A look at what Palestinians watch on television while the world watches them.

The Poet of Baghdad
An extraordinary look at an Iraqi poet's story of love and longing in exile.

No Longer Achmad
A young Bedouin torn between Jewish society and loyalty to Arab traditions.

Last days of Arafat
How a journalist got the last interview with the iconic Palestinian leader.

The Dumpster Diver
An Israeli 'garbage archeologist' chronicles the history of Tel Aviv.

Myths and Medicine 
Some societies still regard mental illness as an evil curse rather than a medical problem.

A woman's bid to bring grieving families together to remember their lost loved ones.

Baghdad, City of Walls
An insight into post-war Baghdad and the walls that divide its inhabitants.

The Guardian of Eden
How one sheikh is struggling to preserve a 5,000-year-old way of life.

City of Widows
Witness follows Zahra's desperate search for her kidnapped husband.

Accidental Hero
A rare glimpse into the lives of the men who keep Iraq's oil flowing.

Fighter in Adhamiya
A film about a boxing academy and life in Baghdad's most dangerous district.

Aban Elias, a US citizen of Iraqi origin, was kidnapped in Iraq in 2004.

Return to Iraq
Rageh Omaar returns to Iraq five years after reporting on the US-led invasion. 

Stolen Dreams
Iraqi artists who were forced to flee their war-torn country seek ways to express hope.

Theatrical Therapist
A new approach to treating the taboo of mental illness and disability in Iran.

Clerical Cupid
A Muslim cleric runs Iran's first officially sanctioned internet dating agency.

Kids who don't Exist
In Egypt only a father can legally register a child, leaving many without identity.

Online Ayatollah
A Muslim cleric offers modern advice and an updated understanding of Islam.

Children of the Cedars
A young Dutch man travels to Beirut to piece together his Lebanese past.

Beirut under Siege
Katia and her family endure a long, hot summer during the 2006 war.

Singing Babar of Mosul 
Mohamed Yunis, the singing barber, heads to Beirut to fulfill his dream.

Beirut Diaries
A diary of the momentous events in Lebanon after the killing of Rafiq al-Hariri.

Life with Hezbollah 
An insight into the complexities of family life under the threat of impending war.

Deadly Playground
One boy's mission to clear the cluster bombs scattered in southern Lebanon.

Two schools in Nablus
A special inside look at the challenges of education in the West Bank.

Young Freud in Gaza
A young Palestinian runs a clinic in Gaza for people traumatised by violence.


Gaza Fixer
Raed helps journalists in Gaza but then becomes part of the story himself.

The Hostages of Gaza
Rageh Omaar returns to Gaza to investigate the kidnapping of journalists there.

Hostages to Fortune 
The rise and fall of hope in Gaza following the Israeli army withdrawal in 2005.

Journey home
An emotional return to Palestine for the father of Al Jazeera's Awad Joumaa.

Divorce in Yemen 
Divorced women in Yemen struggle to find independence and acceptance in society.

Babylon's last Jew
In a personal tale, Ezra, an Iraqi Jew, searches for a lost love from 50 years ago.

Source: Al Jazeera