A selection of the best Witness films from Asia-Pacific can be watched here in full.

Lonely Boy Richard
The story of aboriginal Richard Wanambi and the life that put him in jail.

Elvis Lives in Parkes
A look at the biggest and most unlikely Elvis festival in Australia.

Hard Time
A unique insight into the lives of child prisoners in the Philippines.

Invented in China
Can the world's factory lose its reputation for piracy and gain one for innovation?

China Orphans
Chen Shangyi and his wife dedicate their lives to caring for China's disabled orphans.


Why rural migrants vital to China's boom are treated as second class citizens.

Breaking the Drought
A mayor's attempt to safe his community in the Australian outback from extinction.

Migrant Dreams
A look at the painful journey of migrant Bangladeshi workers in Singapore.

A Strange Freedom
How some Uyghur Muslims persecuted in China paid the price for their freedom bid.

The other Olympics
Talented Tibetan athletes take part in a special alternative to the Beijing Olympics.

Wan Smol Bag
How a theatre group fights taboos and social problems on the Vanuatu Islands.

Mongolian Ninjas
Thousands of poor Mongolians want to take part in the 21st century's gold rush.

Hana's Story
A look at the life of a North Korean defector struggling to adjust to a new world.

Not in My Backyard
The small village Lung Kwu Tan is consumed by pollution but residents are fighting back.

Indonesia Hearts and Minds
The struggle between moderate and radical Islam.

Romance Chinese Style
Speed-dating, online romance and love schools have replaced party loyalty in China.

The Red Zone
Both victims and perpetrators speak about the insurgency in southern Thailand.

On a Tightrope
China's Uighur community try to strike a balance between Islam and Communism.

Meltdown Fiji
Climate change is cause for serious concern on the idyllic island of Kabara.

Meltdown Australia
How rising temperatures due to global warming affect the Great Barrier Reef.

The Long March
A cross-country hike is one school's solution for China's problem children.

Don't Take My Land
Former members of the Khmer Rouge fight to keep land given to them in the 1990s.

Source: Al Jazeera