Hopes have been crushed amid the violence
Director: Kylie Grey

Filmed in Baghdad over three years - before, during and after the US-led invasion of Iraq - My Home, Your War takes us inside the home of an Iraqi family as they deal with the disruptions and terrors of war.

Layla Hasan is a 40-year-old university lecturer and mother who lives in Adhamiya, a Baghdad neighbourhood that has long been hostile to the US occupation.

Speaking four languages, Layla had little choice when she was hand-picked to work as a translator for Saddam's regime.

When the US soldiers arrived she hoped they might offer a path to freedom. Yet now she finds the war is testing her most intimate relationships.

As religious extremism escalates, Layla stands by powerless.

A country in ruins
She watches helplessly as her shy teenage son is swept up in the wave of sectarian violence and revenge, and her once boisterous sister becomes increasingly conservative as the chaos of Baghdad fuels her insecurities.

As the war progresses, Layla, herself becomes more personally isolated and she dreams of escaping to another country.

Kylie Grey's film reminds us of the distant days of hope before the invasion, and the realities of a country and people left in ruins after nearly five years of war.

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