The village menfolk resort to hunting
Filmmaker: Kimon Tsakiris

Men have a serious problem in the Greek village of Sugartown. Women are fleeing the area in search of marriage in the big cities - leaving the village menfolk behind.

Sugartown, also known as Zahaaro, is unique in that the population is made up mainly of men. Even the local priest laments that no weddings or baptisms take place, only funerals.

Luck seems to be on the bachelors' side though - the town mayor is looking out for them. Mayor Pantazis Chronopoulos promises the men he will find them wives as part of a re-election campaign.

So he uses his contact with a Greek businessman in Russia to visit the town of Klin, 80 kilometres from Russia. There, he finds dozens of women looking for foreign husbands and organises an exchange visit.

But how impressed are the women with what they find in Sugartown? And does the mayor stay true to his word?

A wonderfully humorous yet heart-rending story of those seeking love.

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