The following WITNESS episodes can be watched here in full.

Beirut Under Siege
Katia Saleh documents the emotion and confusion of friends and family caught in the 2006 war in Lebanon.

Meltdown Nepal
Norbu’s village is suffering from the devastating effects of global warming.


Women Gladiators
Rodrigo Vazquez follows the story of indigenous women wrestling with oppression, as well as each other.

A Maasai Tale
Sitatien Kaelo embarks on a new life with the help of a Maasai tribal leader and a university scholarship in America.

Chechen syndrome
Russian soldiers return home with invisible yet debilitating wounds from their time fighting in Chechnya.

Child Miners in Bolivia
Young children carry out back-breaking work in Bolivia's tin mines. Coming soon

Gypsy Witch

Madame Rudika offers white magic based on influential gypsies in the region. Coming Soon

Children Who Don’t Exist

In Egypt thousands of children do not officially exist because only a father can legally register a child. Coming soon 

Singing Barber of Mosul

It’s not safe to be shaving beards and singing pop songs in Mosul. So barber and wannabe pop idol, Mohamed Yunis, heads to Beirut to fulfill his dream. Coming soon

Divorce in Aden
After divorce in Yemen, women struggle to find independence and acceptance in society. Coming soon< td="">

The Red Zone 

Predominantly Muslim areas of southern Thailand face brutality that fails to fall along purely sectarian lines. Coming soon

Banking on the Future

Ajay is 13 and a Bank Manager. But the bank he manages is a special kind of bank aimed at helping street children in India.Coming soon

Avalon cemetery is fast running out of space because of the AIDS epidemic. Coming soon

The War Comes Home

Investigating the mood of middle America and its position on the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Coming soon

Looking Good
With the Taliban gone, the anonymous blue veil remains a common sight on Afghanistan's uneasy streets - but with the make up underneath: anything goes. Coming soon

Romance Chinese Style
Speed dating, online dating and love schools have replaced party loyalty in China.

Photographing The Exodus
Juan Medina traces failed asylum seekers back to Mali and meets the families of those desperate enough to flee.

Mud and Guts
The villagers of Gorlu are re-building their homes and lives after fleeing due to civil war. Coming soon

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