In the four years it has been in existence DocMontevideo has established a space in Latin America for documentary development and outreach. Our pitching forum and growing market events bring together the key contacts for film development.

Our mission is to contribute to a thriving market across the continent that will foster the broadcasting and distribution of top quality films.

From the start, the work of the team at DocMontevideo has been to build a supportive infrastructure of documentary films and that mission continues to grow. Our objective is to get a commitment from and encourage various actors in the region involved in transforming and developing the broadcast sector. We strive to improve our mentoring, training, production, artistic creation and commercial capabilities. With this aim in mind, we seek out synergies and expansion throughout the industry and continue to grow our list of partners.

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Viewfinder Latin America can be seen from Monday, January 14, at the following times GMT: Monday: 2230; Tuesday: 0930; Wednesday: 0330; Thursday: 1630.

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Source: Al Jazeera