A fragile ceasefire has largely held between Islamic Jihad and Israel, after violence last week left 34 Palestinians dead, including eight members of the same family. At least 60 Israelis were injured by rocket attacks launched from Gaza.

The escalation deepens the crisis in Gaza, which is still considered occupied under international law.

Omar Shakir of Human Rights Watch (HRW) describes Israel's land, air and sea blockade as a "25-by-seven-mile open-air prison".

"Israel, to this day, registers every baby born in Gaza. It controls the population registry. It also has a generalised ban on travel, not a limitation based on security," Shakir added.

Eugene Kontorovich, a law professor at George Mason University, says the Israeli-imposed restrictions do not constitute an occupation.

"Israel has no troops on the ground," says Kontorovich. "A blockade is not an occupation."

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Source: Al Jazeera News