Martina Anderson was a member of the Irish Republican Army (IRA) and was freed from prison when the Good Friday Agreement ended the Northern Ireland conflict 20 years ago. She is now a member of the European Parliament for the Sinn Fein political party.

Anderson is advocating against a Brexit deal between the UK and the EU that creates a physical border dividing Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. Many believe a hard border could lead to a return of violence.

"Brexit is totally incompatible with the Good Friday Agreement," said Anderson. "The people of Ireland will not allow the British establishment to have us as collateral damage."

She said the UK's departure from the EU and a potential hard border has increased support in Northern Ireland for Irish reunification.

She added that under a provision in the Good Friday Agreement, if a majority of people in Northern Ireland support reunification, the UK is obliged to hold a referendum on it.

"Irish people in the north of Ireland voted to remain," she said. "Under the Good Friday Agreement, we have a democratically endorsed pathway back into the EU."

In this week's special interview, we speak to MEP and former IRA member Martina Anderson.

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Source: Al Jazeera