The US midterm elections could be seen as "a referendum" on President Donald Trump and on Tuesday night, the Democratic Party seized control of the House of Representatives and won a few governorships, while the Republican Party increased their majority in the Senate.

Critics say Trump ran a fear-mongering campaign, which included an advert that was pulled from several major US television networks, including Fox News, as it was deemed racist.

"You would be surprised what's coming across that border," says Steven Rogers, an adviser to Donald Trump's 2020 Campaign. He defended the caravan being seen as a type of "invasion" and defended Trump's message as meant to "protect this country".

In this US midterm elections special, Mehdi Hasan challenges Steven Rogers on the rhetoric and behaviour during the campaign, as well as whether the results may mean that the world will see a changed US president post the House and Governor losses.

"The president is a strong-willed individual, he's been successful so far," says Rogers. "Hopefully everybody is going to come together and do what's right for the country - under his leadership."

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Source: Al Jazeera News