In August 2017, Carla del Ponte quit the UN's investigative commission for Syria, blaming the Security Council for its inaction.

"The Security Council is guilty of this situation [in Syria] because the Security Council did not take a decision to put in place a tribunal ad hoc or to refer to the permanent Criminal Court," del Ponte told UpFront. "Trying to obtain justice for the victims ... was not possible. Nobody's listening to us, to the commission, and in Syria is still total impunity.

More than a year later, has anything changed and does she have any regrets?

Passing resolutions in the UN Security Council "is still not possible because Russia is still putting an obstacle to each, each decision to obtain justice for the victims," she told UpFront.

Del Ponte, who was formerly the chief prosecutor for the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda and the tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, explained that without political will, justice for war crimes is impossible. And while unlike in Syria, those tribunals were set up to investigate crimes against humanity, she also acknowledged their limitations.

Asked whether she believes that NATO committed war crimes during its bombing campaign of Kosovo, del Ponte replied that she was unable to conclude an investigation and issue an indictment "because the states were refusing to cooperate with the tribunal."

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Source: Al Jazeera News