In this Web Extra, we ask a panel of journalists and academics whether the Boycott, Divest, Sanctions movement has any relation to anti-Semitism.

"What it does is it hits a very raw nerve that's used because they have a memory of boycotts. So, as a tactic it has a very unfortunate history," says Guardian columnist Jonathan Freedland.

"[Israeli leaders have] incapacitated all other forms of intervention and resistance, including legal forms, diplomatic forms, and otherwise," says Palestinian-American human rights lawyer, activist and academic Noura Erakat. "This is not about BDS alone, this is about making sure that Palestinians have no form of resistance left available to them that's legitimate."

"I find the BDS movement pretty innocuous. It hasn’t had any impact whatsoever on the facts on the ground," says Israeli-Canadian journalist Lisa Goldman, a contributor to the left-wing Israeli news site +972. "Boycotting is nothing new inside Israel either."

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Source: Al Jazeera News