This week, Colombians shocked the world by narrowly rejecting a peace accord with FARC, a deal that was four years in the making.

While President Juan Manuel Santos, who received the Nobel Peace Prize on Friday for his efforts to end the conflict, accepted the vote, he vowed to continue to seek peace with the rebel group despite the ceasefire ending at the end of the month.

In a special interview, former presidential contender and FARC captive Ingrid Betancourt weighs in on why there was so much opposition to the peace accords.

"When you see a map of the regions that voted 'yes', you see those are the regions that are really suffering from the war," Betancourt says. "So what it tells us is that for people who haven't been affected by the war, the issue of the referendum was abstract."

Editor's note: This interview was recorded prior to Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. 

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Source: Al Jazeera News