Hillary Clinton officially became the US Democratic nominee this week on the heels of a controversial start to the Democratic National Convention.

Leaked DNC emails confirmed suspicions that the party was biased against former Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders. Despite the controversy, the party presented a message of unity at its convention, with Sanders calling on his disgruntled supporters to throw their support behind Clinton.

So as the campaign against Republican nominee Donald Trump heats up, will those who supported the Sanders campaign vote for Clinton to keep the billionaire businessman out of the White House?

In a special interview, we speak to Sanders adviser and leading economist Jeffrey Sachs.

Sachs says both Clinton and Trump are “dangerous” in their own ways, but he would “probably” vote for Clinton.

“I probably will, but if I do, it will be holding my nose,” the economist told Mehdi Hasan.

Sachs also comments on the rise of Donald Trump, saying he believes it is fuelled by “the same phenomenon that fuelled Brexit, the same phenomenon that is fuelling a lot of anti-immigrant, working-class parties all through Europe”.

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Source: Al Jazeera