In this episode of UpFront we speak with Hans Blix, the former UN chief weapons inspector, about North Korea's alleged nuclear test, the rise of ISIL and the Iran nuclear deal.

We also speak to Noam Chomsky about the global impact of the US presidential election and the rise of Islamophobia. And we debunk some of the most viral stories about North Korea and its leader. 

Hans Blix on nuclear threats, ISIL and climate change

North Korea raised alarm bells in January with claims that it had successfully tested a hydrogen bomb. 

On Tuesday, scientists behind the world's "Doomsday Clock" announced it would remain at three minutes to midnight, saying the decision "is not good news". The clock is a metaphor for how close the world is to catastrophe owing to climate change and nuclear weapons. 

So, how worried should the world be about the prospect of nuclear war? In the Headliner, Mehdi Hasan speaks to Hans Blix, the former head of the International Atomic Energy Authority. 

Blix also discusses the Iran deal and the impact the US-led invasion of Iraq had on the creation of ISIL. 

Reality Check: What do we really know about North Korea?

From stories about Kim Jong-un's uncle being fed to dogs to the more recent Sony hack, it is safe to say the media are quick to sensationalise news about North Korea and its totalitarian leader. 

But what if any of these stories are actually true? And does the focus on the often bizarre stories take away from the true horrific crimes being committed by the government? 

In this week's Reality Check, Mehdi Hasan debunks some of the most viral stories about North Korea and its leader. 

Noam Chomsky on Clinton vs Sanders

Renowned political theorist Noam Chomsky is often cited for his criticism of the US political system.

In the second of a special two-part interview, Chomsky sits down with Mehdi Hasan to discuss the US presidential election and the rise of Islamophobia. 

The US academic says Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has the "best policies", but little chance of winning in a "mainly bought" election.

When asked if he would vote for presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton if he lived in a swing state, Chomsky says: "Oh vote would be against the Republican candidate."

Also watch part one of the interview, in which Chomsky discusses ISIL, Turkey and Ukraine

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Source: Al Jazeera