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Public opinion in Israel has been successfully shaped by right-wing leaders.... What we are seeing today is as Iran is taken off the top of the international community's agenda, the bogeyman that the Israeli right wants to focus on is BDS.

Yousef Munayyer, US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation 

Unashamedly adversarial, the arena features two high-profile guests tackling a crucial topic of the week.

In this web extra of the Arena segment, Matt Duss, the president of the Foundation for Middle East Peace, challenges Yousef Munayyer, the executive director of the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation, on the effectiveness of the BDS movement.

"The occupation has gone on far too long, I think Israel does need to start facing some costs and consequences for an occupation.... the BDS movement has helped to elevate a debate that was long overdue, and that's a success in itself - my own concerns about BDS goals aside. As to the actual economic impact - I see very little evidence of any real impact," says Duss.

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Source: Al Jazeera