Swaady M. Martin-Leke, the CEO of luxury tea company YSWARA, often has a cosmopolitan approach to the continent's problems.

A child refugee from Cote d'Ivoire, Swaady's family fled two violent coups. And by now, she has lived in 11 countries, currently living between Lagos and Johannesburg.

If you were to scan my heart, you'd see the shape of Africa.

Swaady M. Martin-Leke, tea company CEO

Swaady is convinced that Africa's outlook has to change and that she has to be involved.

As one of multinational General Electric's first female African leaders, she headed up transport development for the region of sub-saharan Africa.

She is pushing for African women to take what she believes is their rightful position in a man's world.

Bringing a touch of glamour to development, she is passionate about African fashion, but are her views always on the cutting edge?

Source: Al Jazeera