There’s a growing cultural shift in American Muslim identity being forged by millennials. These first-generation, 20 and 30-something Muslims grew up in the wake of the September 11 Twin Towers attacks, feeling as if their entire identity focused on them being “good” Muslims. Now they’re pushing back.

For actor and comedian Ramy Youssef it’s about his Arab American Muslim experience, which he uses as the basis for his comedy and the backdrop of his new show “Ramy” on Hulu. Th series is a semi-autobiographical look at a spiritually conflicting journey. Yousef plays the title character, also named Ramy, who feels the pull between the Muslim community of his family and the sometimes secular one of his peers.

We’re joined by Ramy Youssef to discuss the series and what it means to be an Arab American millennial in today’s world. 

On this episode of The Stream, we speak with:
Ramy Youssef @ramy
Comedian & Director

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