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Lina Iris Viktor @LinaViktor
Conceptual artist, performance artist and painter


Lina Iris Viktor is a New York based, London born artist of Liberian descent who has the touch of gold. Her work uses the powerful contrast and symbolism of black and gold to explore race, gender and themes in African history. Her work is winning accolades, but on her own terms.

Viktor’s work is based on ancient Egyptian and African symbolism in which each painting is molded in resin, and then coated with 24 karat gold leaf and black paint. These colors are not just materials in her art, they are extensive subjects that she explores through space and time.

Lina joins the Stream to discuss her work, and the place of black women in contemporary art.


Amaiya Zafar @AmaiyaZafar
Amateur boxer


Amaiya Zafar is changing the world, one punch at a time. The Muslim American boxer started in the ring at the age of 13, finding comfort and excitement in the gym. But in 2016 at the age of 16 she was banned from competing in her hijab and modest clothing. She lost the belt that day, but started a fight outside the ring to change the rules. In 2017 boxing regulations in the United States changed, and in 2019 international rules followed suit allowing women to wear hijabs in the ring.

Amaiya joins the Stream to discuss her Olympic aspirations, and the place of Muslim women in the boxing ring.


Kirstine Holst @KirstineHolst
#LetsTalkAboutYES activist
Why I speak out about my rape


Kirstine Holst is fighting hard to change Denmark's law on consent. Currently the legislation doesn't define rape by the absence of consent but by other factors, such as whether physical violence or threats were used. The University of Southern Denmark estimates that as many of 24,000 women and girls were affected by rape in Denmark in 2017. Yet only 890 rapes were reported to police that year and, of these, just 535 resulted in prosecutions and only 94 in convictions. Holst was raped in 2017 and her perpatrator was acquitted.

Kirstine joins us to share her story and discuss what the breaking the silence around rape means in Denmark.

Join The Stream as we celebrate International Women’s Day, with just a few women making an incredible difference in their communities.

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