With the 24-hour news cycle and perpetual bombardment of information it can sometimes be difficult to dig deeper. That is why the ethos of Al Jazeera English is to give “voice to the voiceless”, to let subjects breath, and to give viewers the context needed to understand a complex world.

On this episode of The Stream we look at three films now streaming on Aljazeera.com that do just that.

From Fault Lines: “Church of Trump”
For America’s religious right, there’s been no greater champion of their agenda than the Trump administration. In his first two years of office, US President Donald Trump has electrified this segment of the Republican base by advancing the movement’s opposition to abortion and LGBTQ rights.  Fault Lines goes inside America’s religious right to explore the grassroots strategy and the powerful institutions fueling its resurgence.

From Al Jazeera Correspondent: “A Moral Debt: The Legacy of Slavery in the USA”
Journalist James Gannon has inherited a controversial family legacy - that of a clear descendant from General Robert E Lee, who led the Confederate Army against the Union during the American Civil war in the mid-19th century. On a journey into his family's legacy, Gannon explores why people across the US are so divided on the subject of Confederate monuments and whether the oppression of enslaved people by his ancestors still has an effect on black lives in the US today.

From Witness: “The Things We Keep”
In an age of non-stop news feeds and disposable media, which stories and images stay with us and how do they shape us? "The Things We Keep" is the story of a unique video correspondence over the course of a decade and a broader reflection on the themes of discovery, trust, disillusionment and what it means to come home. It reveals the ways in which a friendship can open your eyes to others, and, in the process, to yourself.

On this episode of The Stream, we speak with:

Josh Rushing @JoshRushing
Correspondent, Fault Lines, Al Jazeera

Anna Day @ATDLive
Producer & Director, "Church of Trump"

James Gannon @JamesHGannon
Deputy News Editor for Al Jazeera English 

Casey Kauffman @CaseyKauffman
Co-Director, "The Things We Keep"

Alessandro Cassigoli  
Co-Director, "The Things We Keep"

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