Female power is a dominant theme in Colombian-born Canadian musician Lido Pimienta's latest album "La Papessa" ("The High Priestess"), which covers issues such as single motherhood, feminism and migration.

A radiant mix of traditional Latin American influences and electronic synth-pop, "La Papessa" was Pimienta's 2016 self-released breakthrough project. The album went on to win Canada's top music honour, the Polaris Music Prize, and was the first such win for a Spanish-language album. In her song "La Capacidad" ("You Are Able To") she sings in Spanish: "I wasn't born to cook for you or give you children, I wasn't born to fit into no hetero-normative soap opera, I wasn't born to set worldwide feminism back."

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Lido Pimienta @LidoPimienta 
Musician and artist-curator

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