The #MeToo campaign has ignited conversations around the world about sexual harassment, assault and rape. Over the past two weeks women have been sharing their experiences online, in homes, in offices and in schools. The hashtag has more than a million tweets so far, not counting retweets or mentions. And while some have criticised the campaign as little more than armchair activism and “viral outrage”, it has also gotten men talking about accountability and their role in the problem. 


But what now? Will the hashtags amount to anything?


One immediate impact is that men have have been sharing what they need to do to be part of a solution - changing their language, their behaviour and the way they deal with women. Indian writer Devang Pathak was particularly affected and detailed his actions with #IDidThat. Men are also pledging to do better with #HowIWillChange.

We’ll take a look at the conversations that have come after the #MeToo campaign, the impact they're having and whether the momentum is being maintained. Join the conversation.


On this episode of The Stream, we'll speak to:

Jackson Katz @jacksonkatz

Author, The Macho Paradox

Devang Pathak @DevangPat


Catalina Ruiz-Navarro @catalinapordios

Editor in Chief, Volcanica Magazine

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