For the second programme in a week of shows dedicated to the anniversary, filmmakers from Al Jazeera’s Witness documentary join us to discuss the remarkable journey of 92 year-old Krishan Khanna, who they followed as he returned from India to his hometown in Pakistan 70 years after he was forced to flee.   

Al Jazeera correspondent Kamal Hyder offers us his insight from Pakistan's capital, Islamabad. He’s just returned from the Wagah border between Pakistan and India, where an elaborate ceremony is staged every evening by Indian and Pakistani security forces. This theatrical ceremony has come to symbolise the rivalry between the two nations, but it also contains an underlying message of cooperation.

Also on this episode, we round up the best of social media on the eve of the anniversary.

Joining Us:

Kamal Hyder
Al Jazeera Correspondent

Clément Gargoullaud @cgargoullaud
Co-director, “Going Back to Pakistan: 70 Years of Partition”

Prashun Mazumdar @prashun94  
Co-director, “Going Back to Pakistan: 70 Years of Partition”

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