The deportation of immigrants from the United States stems way before President Donald Trump took office. So what happened to the millions of people deported under previous administrations? Many of them had little or no connection to the country they were deported to, with some not even knowing the native language. To this day, there are individuals separated from family members who wait for when they will be reunited, if ever.  

Trump’s targeted immigration plans have amplified fears for many undocumented people. The uncertainty has forced some to leave the US voluntarily. Mexico is currently scrambling to figure out how to accommodate the potential of more arrivals. For years, various aids groups in South America have also helped in getting people settled.    

Returning home can come with risks. Some face the threat of violence that initially motivated them to seek asylum. Cases of Central American migrants killed shortly after being sent back have made headlines, which has raised human rights concerns.  

In this episode of The Stream, deportees join us to talk about the challenges of trying to rebuild their lives.

On this episode of The Stream, we speak with:

Hector Barajas @Banishedveteran
Founder, Deported Veterans Support House

Eddie Anzora
Founder, English Cool

Nancy Landa @MundoScholar
Co-Founder, iMigrante

Roque Planas @RoqPlanas
National Reporter, The Huffington Post

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