It is hours until the swearing in of Donald Trump, the 45th president of the United States. The businessman-turned-politician’s deeply divisive agenda is bound to have a great impact on people who adopted the US as their home.

Trump’s campaign focused largely on immigration and reforming the country’s policies pertaining to the approximately 11 million immigrants without legal status. He pledges to build a wall at the Mexican border, create a programme to vet Muslims wishing to enter the US, ban refugees from certain countries and end the DREAM Act. In the 73 days between his election and inauguration, Trump has set wheels into motion to begin fulfilling those promises.

How is this being received by Americans who once came to the US as immigrants? We will find out during a special town hall reuniting eight naturalised US citizens who first joined The Stream on the eve of the election. Join us for part 1 of the conversation.

In this episode of The Stream, we speak with:

Saba Ahmed @SabaRMC_
President, Republican Muslim Coalition

Genie Nguyen @genienguyen
President, Voice of Vietnamese Americans

Jesse Singh @jasdipsingh2
Founder, American Sikhs for Trump

Loide Jorge @loidemusica
Immigration lawyer

Mayra and Anthony Segura @maedcace @anthonyabqnm
Married couple

AJ and Sana Siddiqui @sana24siddiqui
Father and daughter

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