South African university students are not giving up their fight for free education. Over the past year, the demonstrations have become violent as students have faced off with administrators, government officials and even riot police at almost all of the country’s campuses. The most notable protests have been at the formerly whites-only schools - the University of Cape Town and University of the Witwatersrand, also known as Wits. In 2016, students kept fee increases at bay, but as 2017 approaches, a possible 8 percent fee increase has given the movement fresh momentum. We’ll speak to Wits student activist Shaeera Kalla about their plans for the next year.  


Almost one-third of the children who were staying at the Calais refugee camp in northern France have gone missing since authorities shut down the camp known as the “Jungle” last month. These are findings of the Refugee Youth Service, which also discovered the camp was not disseminating age-appropriate information for children, providing state services or responding to children’s basic needs. We’ll speak to activists who worked in the Jungle about the possible fate of the missing minors and what the UK and French governments should be doing.

Afghan translators

They may not be armed, but military translators in war zones often face the same dangers as soldiers trained for hostile environments. During more than a decade of US operations in Afghanistan, thousands of Afghan civilians have worked with the American military. In exchange for their work, the US government promises a degree of protection through a special visa programme giving them safe passage to the United States. We speak to one translator who left his home and is starting a new life in the US state of Texas.

In this episode of The Stream, we speak with: 

Shaeera Kalla @shaeera_k
Student activist, University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg

Rowan Farrell @Rowan_Farrell
Co-founder, Refugee Info Bus

Lucie Lecarpentier @LucieLecarp
Legal Advisor, MSF

Former Afghan translator for the US Military

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