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Ties between the United States and the Philippines have been at a low point for months, since controversial Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte insulted US President Barack Obama and vowed to reduce military cooperation with US forces. But Donald Trump's surprise US election victory may change that. Duterte has extended his congratulations to President-elect Trump and noted a shared trait: "We both like to swear. One little thing, we curse right away, we’re the same." Many political observers have pointed out other similarities beyond their crude remarks. Both rose to power on the wave of a populist, anti-establishment backlash. On this episode of The Stream, we'll get an up close look at Duterte with exclusive behind-the-scenes access from Al Jazeera's 101 East. We'll also discuss the parallels between Duterte and Trump's personalities and political ascendancy, and how they might impact US-Philippines relations.

On this episode of The Stream, we speak to:

Steve Chao @SteveChaoSC
Senior Presenter, Al Jazeera English's 101 East

Lisandro Claudio @leloyclaudio
Assistant Professor of Political Science, Ateneo De Manila University

Charlie Campbell, @CharlieCamp6ell Aries Arugay @ariesarugay
Beijing Correspondent, TIME Political Scientist, University of the Philippines-Diliman

Rhonda Ramiro @BAYAN_USA
Vice Chair, BAYAN-USA


With video commentary from:


Charlie Campbell, @CharlieCamp6ell 
TIME Beijing Correspondent


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