Hip-hop legend Talib Kweli is among the pioneers of "conscious rap", making songs that shun commercial conventions both lyrically and musically. With his solo recordings and group work in the duos Black Star and Reflection Eternal, Kweli is known for his artistic gifts and political, introspective messages. But what helps set him apart from his peers is a willingness to turn his acclaimed words into action. Over a 20-year musical career, Kweli has used his musical success to spread awareness about issues close to his heart, from mass incarceration to gun control, US foreign policy to corporate control of music, and most recently the 2016 elections. Just days after dropping a surprise new EP, "Awful People Are Great at Parties", Kweli joins The Stream to discuss his music and activism, and to answer your questions. Join the conversation at 19:30 GMT.

On this episode of The Stream, we speak to: 

Talib Kweli @TalibKweli
Hip-hop artist 

Jeff Chang @zentronix
Hip-hop historian

Rosa Clemente @rosaclemente
Hip-hop activist

Mazi Mutafa @wordsbeatslife  
Executive Director, Words Beats & Life

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