One in six eligible voters in the United States have a disability that could make casting a ballot difficult. Polling stations without proper ramps can derail the process for people in wheelchairs. And for people with cognitive disabilities, the challenges can be even greater, with some states not recognising their right to vote.

In this second half of The Stream's two-part conversation about disability and the US election, we discuss the fight for voting rights for people with autism, Down syndrome and other cognitive disabilities. We also ask our community what issues political candidates are not paying enough attention to, like access to education, job opportunities and long-term care for the 58 million Americans living with disabilities.

On this episode of The Stream, we speak with: 

Lawrence Carter-Long @LCarterLong
Spokesperson, National Council on Disability

Vilissa Thompson @VilissaThompson
Disability rights consultant, writer

Thomas Coleman 
Legal Director, Spectrum Institute

Andrew Pulrang @AndrewPulrang
Disability rights advocate 

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