Rekia Boyd. India Kager. Michelle Cusseaux. The names of these African-American women became known to the public only after they were killed by police. And even then, they remained largely uncovered by the press.

While the Black Lives Matter movement has worked to address alleged racism in the US justice system, the plight of black women has been an important but less prominent point of reform.

So far this year, nine black women have been killed by US police, yet their stories are largely unknown. The #SayHerName movement is hoping to change that, pushing a gender inclusive approach to the Black Lives Movement. We talk with relatives of women who have lost their lives, and ask how they hope to use their loss to create positive change.

On this episode of The Stream, we speak with:

Gina Best @GinaBest
Mother of India Kager

Frances Garrett
Mother of Michelle Cusseaux 

Sharon Cooper @sncooper2
Sister of Sandra Bland

Angela Helton
Mother of Rekia Boyd

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