For acid attack survivors, the horror does not end after the hospital. The physical and mental rehabilitation is ongoing. Reconstructive surgeries for those who have access and money can take years, and some go into debt trying to repair the damage.

On top of that, trying to return to daily life is also a challenge. And it is not only appearance preventing some from moving forward. The stigma attached to female survivors can be debilitating. Many are isolated and turn toward the comfort of other survivors.

"Priya’s Mirror", the second chapter of the "Priya Shakti" comic series tackling violence against women, highlights the message that a survivor going into hiding is a win for the perpetrator. Using real life stories, Ram Devineni, Paromita Vohra and Dan Goldman illustrate the fears and challenges of many women who have survived an acid attack.

Devineni will join The Stream along with women who inspired the comic, sharing the experiences of survivors trying to take back their lives and reintegrate back into their communities. 

On today's show, we speak to: 

Ram Devineni @priyas_shakti
Co-creator, "Priya's Mirror"

Jaf Shah @Acid_Survivors
Executive Director, Acid Survivors Trust International

Natalia Ponce de Leon @OrgNPDL
President, Natalia Ponce de Leon Foundation

Monica Singh @MonicaSingh91
Founder and President, The Mahendra Singh Foundation

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