Answering the call to serve your country's military is a noble one. But what happens when patriotism and religion collide? That is the issue that many Muslims serving in the militaries of Western countries face today.

Their numbers are small, but Muslims have been serving in the militaries of Western countries for more than two hundred years. They are decorated servicemen and women who gave their lives for their nations. But the issues they face today are more complicated than ever - navigating their dual identities as adherents of the Islamic faith and as members of militaries operating in Muslim-majority countries. They are dealing with rising Islamophobia at home, and anti-Western sentiment in areas where they are serving. In their sacrifice for their country, they often sacrifice their families, communities and customs. However, for many of them, the fight to change minds and hearts within the military is the biggest battle.

On the next Stream meet Muslims serving in the militaries of Western countries. 

On this episode of The Stream, we speak with: 

Amina Belaroui
French university student

Abubakar Swalah @jr_larryy
British Army veteran

Mansoor Shams @mansoortshams
US Marine veteran

Laura Magee
Chaplain Assistant, US Air National Guard

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