The Republican National Convention is underway in the US state of Ohio and many say a deep sense of discord is emanating from the party. There have been public shows of disunity on the convention floor and on the stage. Is this the most contentious convention in more than 40 years?

On Tuesday night, the Speaker of the House Paul Ryan made a plea for party unity. He described the diversity of ideas within the Republican party (GOP) as a sign that the party is strong and “not just going through the motions”.

Donald Trump's campaign has been controversial since it began, leaving many within the party to question if he's the right person, with the right policies, for the job. We take a look at the friction within the GOP at 19:30 GMT.

On this episode of The Stream, we'll speak to:

Wendy Lynn Day @WendyLynnDay
Michigan Delegate for Ted Cruz

Demetrius Snell @theblkrepub357
Political commentator

John Fluharty @PacyNotes
Conservative Republican

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