How has the upcoming US election been covered in your part of the world - too much, too little, too sensational?

As the race to White House approaches its final lap, the field of candidates has seemingly narrowed to just two - Republican business tycoon Donald Trump and Democratic former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Their visions of economic, social and foreign policy differ greatly, and international reaction to those have varied as well. World press has lampooned, applauded and scolded each of the candidates.

On the next Stream, we gather a round table of international correspondents to discuss how their media outlets are covering the US election. Join the conversation with your questions and comments at 19:30 GMT.

In this episode of The Stream, we speak to: 

Dr. Stefan Grobe @StefanGrobe1
Washington Correspondent, Euronews

Agata Popęda
Journalist, Political Critique

Ruben Barrera @rubenbarreraDC
Correspondent, Notimex

Namrata Brar @namratabrar
Bureau Chief, NDTV - United States

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