British adventurer Sarah Outen recently completed her epic ‘London2London: Via the World’ expedition. Sarah rowed, biked and kayaked around the northern hemisphere, crossing three continents and two oceans along the way. She became the first woman to row alone from Japan to Alaska. It took Sarah 4.5 years to complete the 25,000 mile journey which started and finished at the Tower Bridge, in London. Throughout the adventure, she had to overcome a number of mental and physical challenges. She was hit by a severe tropical storm midway through the Pacific Ocean and rescued by the Japanese coast guard, had a run-in with a grizzly bear, cycled through one of the coldest North American winters (enduring temperatures of -40 Celsius) and was forced off her boat, again, by hurricane Joaquin in the Atlantic Ocean. Sarah says she has returned home “humble, inspired and engaged to my favourite person in the world”.

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