*Update: Infrastructure,Transportation and Network Minister Dimitris Kammenos resigned on Wednesday night after after only one day in office. Independent Greeks (ANEL) leader Panos Kammenos reportedly forced Kammenos to step down amid controversy surrounding his social media posts. 

The Greek government has come under fire after appointing politician Dimitris Kammenos to the position of Transports and Networks Deputy Minister on Tuesday. 

Newly elected Greek Prime Minister, Alexis Tsipras, has been appointing his new government and has recently led his left-wing Syriza party into a coalition with the ANEL, a small nationalist party known for its right-wing views. 

Many Greeks are angry with the appointment of Kammenos who is part of ANEL and known for his anti-Semitic and homophobic posts on social media. Greeks online responded by sharing Kammenos's inflammatory posts on Twitter. While Kammenos quickly deleted his Twitter account @PortaPorta, that did not stop Greek analysts and journalists from cataloging his posts before they disappeared and sharing screenshots with translations online.