Former world champion Garry Kasparov gave up checkmating his opponents in chess for the maneuverings of politics. During his career as a Grandmaster he broke dozens of records, won countless matches and is considered one of the greatest chess players of all time. In 2005 he retired from the game of chess and formed a movement against Russian President Vladimir Putin, even announcing a run for president. Though his bid failed, he continues to campaign against Putin and what he calls his “authoritarian rule.” Today he works on promoting human rights in Russia and around the world. Join the conversation with Garry Kasparov with your questions at 1930GMT.

On today's show, we speak to:

Gary Kasparov @kasparov63 @HRF @OsloFF
Chairman, Human Rights Foundation
Former world chess champion

Viktor Levanov @viktorlevanov
Russian political blogger

Kai MacMahon @kaimac
Fan of Garry Kasparov

Lisa Suhay @NiceChess757
Correspondent, Christian Science Monitor

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