The Institute of Biochemistry at Leipzig University in Germany rejected an Indian student's internship application, citing India's "rape problem" and attitude towards women. Annette G Beck-Sickinger, professor of biochemistry, wrote an email to the unnamed Indian student saying: "Unfortunately I don't accept any Indian male students for internships. We hear a lot about the rape problem in India... I have many female students in my group, so I think this attitude is something I cannot support".

Germany's ambassador to India, Michael Steiner, wrote a letter to professor Beck-Sickinger slamming her decision, adding: "Your oversimplifying and discriminating generalization is an offense to [the Indian] women and men ardently committed to furthering women empowerment in India". When the controversy caught public attention, Beck-Sickinger apologised for the "misunderstanding", arguing the rejection was actually due to lack of space and not discrimination.