Bridging the 90 mile divide. In December Presidents Barack Obama and Raul Castro announced renewed diplomatic ties between the United States and Cuba. Among other things, this means the release of political prisoners, easing a fifty year old embargo and lifting travel restrictions. While many in Havana were quick to celebrate, critics of the deal immediately pointed to ongoing human rights abuses. So what do “normalised” relations between the two countries actually mean for Cubans and Cuban-Americans? We discuss at 19:30 GMT

In this episode of The Stream, we speak with: 

John Suarez @johnjsuarez
International Secretary – Cuban Democratic Directorate

Alfredo De Lara
Independent filmmaker & journalist

Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo @OLPL
Writer & photographer

Carlos Alberto Perez Benitez @chiringadecuba
Blogger, La Chiringa de Cuba

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