The UN needs close to $8 billion to fund humanitarian operations for Syrians in 2015. But where will the money come from? Aid agencies have been running out of cash for this year’s operations. The World Food Programme had to suspend food assistance to Syrian refugees due to lack of funding. New contributions, however, enabled it to resume aid but only for December and part of January. At 1930GMT we discuss aid fatigue and the challenge of securing funds for the 12 million Syrians in need of help.

On today's episode, we speak to:

Hazami Barmada @HazamiBarmada
Public affairs consultant

Lina Sergie Attar @AmalHanano
Co-founder of Karam Foundation

Sami Aldous
Syrian refugee

Melissa Fleming @melissarfleming
Chief of communications and spokesperson at the UNHCR

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