A Russian action film star is facing backlash after a video, circulated throughout Russia and Ukraine, showed him firing a machine gun toward Ukrainian lines. 

Mikhail Porechenkov was reportedly visiting pro-Russian separatists in war-torn Donetsk on a "humanitarian mission". The video, released by the rebels' Novorossia TV, shows the actor, dressed in "press" gear firing the gun from the Donetsk airport. It has received more than one million views since being uploaded on Wednesday. 

In an interview with Russian news agency, TASS, Porechenkov said the event was staged and "even the ammunition was blank".

The Ukrainian security service said on Facebook that it has opened a criminal investigation into the case, and accused the actor of "participation into terrorist activity". 

#пореченковтеррорист ("Porechenkov terrorist") trended in Ukraine following the release of the video.