Why are girls from some immigrant communities in the West at risk for female genital cutting? In the UK an estimated 130,000 women and girls have been subject to the practice, despite the fact it has been illegal for thirty years. The removal of the outer sexual organs is done in keeping with the cultural traditions of countries in Eastern and Western Africa. Recently, both the American and British governments have vowed to dedicate funds and resources to eliminating it from happening in their countries, but is there enough political will? What kind of education programmes are still needed? 

In this episode of The Stream, we speak with:

Jaha Marie Dukureh @JahaENDFGM
Founder of Safe Hands for Girls

Leyla Hussein @LeylaHussein  
Co-founder of Daughters of Eve

Jane Ellison @janeellisonmp
Member of Parliament for Battersea

Mak Chishty @CdrChishtyMPS
Commander for North London, Metropolitan Police

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